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Employment Law

Most employers observe federal and state laws that afford employees a fair wage and a safe, harassment-free work environment.

When workers' rights are violated, life on the job can be distressing and financially burdensome. We can take a stand for you.

You can trust our employment law attorney at Thyberg Law in Sacramento, CA, if you're battling unfair work conditions.

Understanding Employment Law

Employment law covers nearly all areas of the employer and employee relationship. There are thousands of federal and state laws that are designed to protect workers' rights in a range of instances, from discrimination in the workplace to illegal wage practices and wrongful termination.

When these rights are violated, Thyberg Law can help you defend your livelihood and quality of life. Our Sacramento law firm is well-equipped to help clients handle a variety of employment law cases,

Our Main Areas of Employment Law

Sexual Harassment

Unwanted sexual comments, sexual gestures, and pressure to engage with someone sexually can result in an emotionally distressing workplace and make you feel as though you're not taken seriously in a professional setting.

Our employment lawyer can help bring sexual harassment to an end and make your place of employment safe again.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assault in the workplace can manifest as unwanted physical contact, unwelcome sexual advances, and more. Whether an employer or a coworker has assaulted you, sexual assault in the workplace is a heinous violation of workers' rights.

You shouldn't have to leave your job to feel safe. Our labor law attorney can help you stand your ground, assert your rights, and make things right for yourself and your fellow employees.

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Discrimination exists when an employer treats an employee unfairly due to a characteristic they view as unfavorable.

If you've been treated unfairly due to one of your legally protected characteristics, our employment lawyer can help you assert your rights and protect other people with these same characteristics.

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Employment Law Protects You
From Discrimination

The core of workers’ rights aims to outlaw discrimination through a series of laws that ensure a safe work environment and a fair wage for work performed. When it comes to any employment decision—be it hiring, promotions, pay, benefits, firing, or anything else—discrimination laws prohibit employers from considering factors such as:

How Else Our Lawyer Can Help

While sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination are our main areas of employment law, we also help employees who are experiencing:

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is any inappropriate act that results in a hostile work environment. Examples include slurs, mockery, insults, offensive jokes, and intimidation. An employee who endures unwelcome and offensive conduct in their place of employment is a victim of workplace harassment.

Family Medical Leave (FMLA) Discrimination

An employer may not prevent or retaliate against an employee who takes FMLA for pregnancy, disabilities, or other medically-substantiated reasons that fall under FMLA protections.

Whistleblower/Qui Tam Activities

Workers who report illegal activities are protected from retaliation by the employer under whistleblower laws.

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When workers' rights at your place of employment have been violated, your quality of life can suffer. Gregory Thyberg is passionate about standing up for workers’ rights and wants to help you if you have faced injustice in the workplace. He's willing to go as far as taking your case to trial if it means protecting your rights as an employee.

If you have endured discrimination, wage violations, wrongful termination, or harassment, contact Thyberg Law in Sacramento, CA, today.

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Since 1981, Gregory A. Thyberg has been providing legal services to clients throughout Sacramento. With a focus on employment law, he can help you find a solution when facing discrimination, harassment, or other workplace injustices. Mr. Thyberg is affiliated with organizations like the:

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If you're experiencing unlawful discrimination in the workplace, request a consultation with Mr. Thyberg or call (916) 204-9173.

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