Whistleblower/Qui Tam History

Qui Tam/False Claims Act History

The term qui tam is shortened from the latin phrase: qui tam domino rege quam pro se in hac sequitur, which means "who brings the action for the king as well as himself."  Qui tam plaintiffs, who reveal business practices that defraud the government are rewarded and protected.

Adopted from English Sovereignty, qui tam suits have played a valuable role in the American legal system.  Since colonial times, qui tam suits have been historically embraced as an effective and alternative means of law enforcement.

Modern qui tam suits derive their power from the False Claims Act, also known as “Lincoln’s Law.”  At the height of the Civil War, the Union Army was not only fighting with the rebellious South, but was also plagued by pervasive fraud committed by its own arms dealers.  To curb the corruption from within, Congress passed the False Claims Act of 1863.  Most notably, the False Claims Acts included a qui tam provision that authorized private citizens to share in the government’s recovery.

Today, the qui tam suit, commonly known as the “whistleblower” lawsuit, has been revitalized by the False Claims Act's 1983 revisions.  Since these revision have been made, the government has recovered over 27 billion dollars, with a substantial portion of that going directly to the whistleblower.

Qui tam lawsuits are beneficial to the whistleblower (also known as "the relator"), the government, and the general public.  A whistleblower not only shares in the recovery, but is protected from retaliation from their employer and has their concerns addressed and convictions validated.  The government not only recovers defrauded funds, but also has an effective deterrent against further corruption.  Lastly, the general public will be protected from fraudulent and harmful business practices that may put consumers at risk.

Thyberg Law understands that employees are often hesitate to confront employers, especially in troubled economic times. Our firm empowers individuals to come forward to oppose government fraud. 

By applying our extensive knowledge of state and federal laws, Thyberg Law uses objective metrics to prove acts of illegal activity and government fraud.

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