Types of Qui Tam Claims

Federal courts have broadly interpreted the False Claims Act to permit qui tam lawsuits in several circumstances.  The only prerequisite is an intention to defraud the government.  Thus, the fraudulent scheme is only limited by the defendant’s ingenuity.  For a better understanding, listed below are a few types of fraud:

  • Fraudulent Billing Medicare/Medical/Government Contract: billing for services that were not provided; overriding government billing codes; billing for unnecessary healthcare procedures; presenting fraudulent bills to the government for payment; providing an inferior product than what was contracted and paid for
  • Retaining money fraudulently paid by the government

Although broad, the False Claims Act's reach is not absolute.  A relator (whistleblower) cannot bring a qui tamaction against: the armed forces, members of congress, senior members of the executive branch, nor members of the judicial branch.  Further, a relator cannot bring an action against a state or a state entity, or for government waste.  Lastly, a relator cannot bring an action against a person for tax law violations under two million dollars when that person makes less than two hundred thousand dollars per year.

ThybergLaw understands that employees are often hesitate to confront employers, especially in troubled economic times. Our firm empowers individuals to come forward to oppose government fraud. 

By applying our extensive knowledge of state and federal laws, ThybergLaw uses objective metrics to prove acts of illegal activity and government fraud.

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