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What Should I Do if I Witness Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Witnesses to workplace sexual harassment may feel helpless, but they are not. Lawyer Gregory Thyberg explains how to support sexual harassment victims.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Apr 15, 2024

Can My Company Fire Me for Trying to Unionize?

Federal law protects most workers’ right to unionize so when an employer fires an employee for trying to unionize, there may be grounds for legal…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Mar 25, 2024

How Do I Recover Unpaid/Withheld Wages? Do I Need a Labor Attorney?

Employees often feel helpless when their hard earned wages are withheld. Hiring an unpaid wages lawyer can help take the confusion out of recovering wages.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Feb 28, 2024

What to Do if You Are Harassed at Work for Being Transgender

Workplace harassment and discrimination lawyer Gregory Thyberg advises employees what to do if they are harassed at work for being transgender.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Feb 07, 2024

A Remote Coworker Is Harassing Me: What Should I Do?

Sexual harassment lawyer Gregory Thyberg discusses sexual harassment in the remote workplace and what to do if a remote coworker is harassing you.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jan 31, 2024

California’s New Workplace Violence Restraining Order Law Explained

Employment law attorney Gregory Thyberg explains Senate Bill 428, California’s new workplace violence restraining order law.  

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Dec 10, 2023

Types of Wrongful Termination: Discrimination, Retaliation, and More

Employers who violate certain laws when terminating employment may be held liable. Learn more as we look at common types of wrongful termination. If you…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Nov 01, 2023

What Does Harassment Look Like in a Remote Workplace?

Workplace harassment lawyer Gregory Thyberg provides examples of what harassment looks like in a remote workplace. If you have been subject to harassment or discrimination…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Oct 01, 2023

Unpaid Wages for Unused Vacation Days: What Are My Legal Rights?

It’s illegal for employers to refuse to provide unpaid wages for unused vacation days. Find out what your legal rights are to recover your unpaid…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Sep 02, 2023

California False Claims: Qui Tam Action Statute of Limitations

How long do you have to file a qui tam action under the California False Claims Act (CFCA)? Our whistleblower law attorney looks at deadlines…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Aug 01, 2023

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