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Sexual Harassment Statistics

Sexual harassment in the workplace is more common than most people realize. Here, attorney Gregory Thyberg presents sexual harassment statistics.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Mar 14, 2023

Common Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Feel you’ve been sexually harassed at work? Consider these warning signs and then speak to an employment law attorney.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Nov 10, 2022

Can You Sue Your Employer for Virtual Sexual Harassment?

Remote work exposes employees to various forms of virtual sexual harassment. Organizations have a duty to protect workers from harassment by creating safe virtual spaces.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jun 16, 2021

Types of Evidence in Sexual Harassment Cases

Direct or circumstantial evidence of sexual harassment will help your case. Our legal team explains what these type of evidence are and why they matter.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on May 31, 2019

Quid Pro Quo vs. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo and sexual harassment can create a hostile work environment. Our attorneys consider what these terms mean and how they apply to your…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Dec 10, 2018

Sexual Harassment and a Hostile Work Environment

Attorney Gregory Thyberg offers legal representation to individuals dealing with sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jul 09, 2018

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment can take many different forms. The lawyers at ThybergLaw consider what constitutes sexual harassment among workers.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jan 22, 2018

Sexual Harassment Involving Co-workers Poses Problems Companywide

Gregory Thyberg represents workers in cases involving sexual harassment and co-workers. Learn about your rights.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Oct 29, 2017

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