Filing a Wage Case for Unpaid Sales Commissions By Gregory Thyberg on October 16, 2017

LawyerNo matter how much employees love their job, they are there to collect wages. Not only that, but they depend on that wage to provide themselves and family members with food, clothing, and shelter. When earned wages, such as those from sales commissions, are denied, it puts a huge economic burden on the employee.

Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect workers’ rights, including those to ensure that employees earn a fair wage, and that they are paid in a timely manner. Gregory Thyberg is an experienced wage and hour lawyer with a thorough understanding of the state and federal laws regarding workers’ rights. Individuals who have been denied pay for sales commissions should contact us at their earliest convenience to learn more about their legal rights to compensation. Mr. Thyberg can help employees file a wage case for unpaid sales commissions at his Sacramento, CA legal practice.

Unpaid Commissions

Many companies offer commissions or bonuses to employees in their sales department as an incentive to motivate sales and customer relations. While commission pay can be an asset, some employees find that they are denied the compensation they were promised for finalizing sales or landing clients. There are actually many different ways in which an employer can deny worker pay for sales commissions. Below are some examples of unpaid sales commissions:

  • Miscalculating commission and providing insufficient pay
  • Failing to provide a promised commission or sales bonus altogether
  • Terminating or reassigning an employee just prior to the close of a large sale
  • Allowing an employee to do the majority of the work for a sale and then labeling the sale as a group effort
  • Failing to include commission rates when calculating overtime
  • Making illegal deductions from a commission or bonus check

Filing a Wage Case

Anyone who is paid incorrectly for commission sales or who is denied an agreed upon commission or bonus has the right to file a wage case. When representing a case of unpaid commission, Mr. Thyberg will work to prove two important things: first, that his client is in fact due compensation for the work that they performed, and second, that state or federal laws were violated when the client was denied compensation for commission or paid an insufficient amount for the commission.

If employers are found liable for unpaid commission, they will be responsible for providing that pay within a certain amount of time. Some clients may even be due compensation in addition to the amount of unpaid wages. If we can prove that the denial of sales commissions was made in bad faith, we can seek financial compensation beyond the unpaid wages, which may also include the cost of legal fees.

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If you have been denied pay for commission sales, contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about your legal rights. Experienced wage and hour lawyer, Gregory Thyberg, will listen to the details of your case and advise you on your best course of legal action. We will fight to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you are due for your labor.

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