Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Orientation By Gregory Thyberg on July 30, 2017

Workplace Discrimination and Sexual OrientationWorkplace discrimination based on sexual orientation refers to the differential treatment of employees or coworkers based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. Despite federal and state laws protecting workers, there are employers and coworkers who continue to discriminate against employees and other coworkers based on their actual or assumed sexual orientation.

A workplace discrimination lawyer based in Sacramento, CA, and Roseville, CA, Gregory Thyberg pursues justice for mistreated workers. He has a track record spanning many decades in achieving just outcomes in workplace discrimination and sexual orientation cases.

An Overview of Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

While workplace sexual orientation discrimination can come in a variety of forms, it generally refers to the differential treatment of a worker by an employer or coworker based on the actual or perceived sexual orientation. This can happen regardless of whether the victim is homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, heterosexual, or another type of sexual orientation.

Examples of Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

There are many hurtful ways in which employers mistreat employees and prospective employees due to their real or perceived sexual preference. Common examples of sexual orientation discrimination on the part of employers includes:

  • Denying a job to an applicant
  • Denying a raise, promotion, or benefits to an employee
  • Writing a negative performance review
  • Denying access to resources and training
  • Bullying and harassing
  • Fostering a hostile work environment
  • Terminating employment

Signs You Have Been Subject to Workplace Discrimination

Employees often wish to believe that the difficult time they are having at work is due to reasons other than their sexual orientation. However, there are clear signs and behaviors suggesting that they are being discriminated against. They include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical altercations
  • Cyber bullying
  • Damaged workspace under the guise of a prank
  • Public humiliation
  • Unfair discipline
  • Increased workload
  • Assigned to less desirable shifts

Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination Laws in California

Workers in California are protected from sexual orientation discrimination by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), which prohibits harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual orientation discrimination commonly comes at the expense of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender workers, however, no sexual preference is immune to discriminatory treatment.

What to Do If You Are Subject to Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination

If you are being bullied, harassed, denied resources, disciplined, or treated unfairly in any other way due to your real or perceived sexual orientation, know that California law is on your side. Enlist the services of workplace discrimination lawyer Gregory Thyberg, who will:

  • Review your case with you at no obligation
  • Work your case with care and compassion
  • Apply 30-plus years of experience in putting together the strongest case possible

Contact Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Gregory Thyberg

If you have been subject to painful and humiliating workplace discrimination on the basis of your sexual orientation, workplace discrimination lawyer Gregory Thyberg can help. Since 1981, he has passionately and successfully pursued justice for his clients. He will review your case at no obligation and treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve. To find out more information, contact our website.

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