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What to Do if You Are Harassed at Work for Being Transgender

Workplace harassment and discrimination lawyer Gregory Thyberg advises employees what to do if they are harassed at work for being transgender.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Feb 07, 2024

Sacramento’s Equal Opportunity Policy: What You Should Know

Sacramento's Equal Opportunity Policy protects city employees from discrimination and harassment. Our attorneys review your legal protections.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jan 24, 2023

Workplace Discrimination and Transgender Employees

Workplace discrimination lawyers Gregory Thyberg discusses how employment discrimination laws can be applied to transgender employees.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jun 17, 2020

Disability Discrimination and Disability-Related Absences

Workplace law attorney Gregory A. Thyberg can help people with disabilities discriminated against for absences related to their condition.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jan 31, 2020

Pregnancy Discrimination and Layoffs

Employment law attorney Gregory A. Thyberg discusses pregnancy discrimination in the form of being laid off and what your legal options are.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Dec 31, 2019

The Gender Wage Gap

The wage gap between men and women has long been a problem. ThybergLaw examines this aspect of workplace gender discrimination.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Dec 18, 2019

Migraines and Workplace Discrimination

Migraines can lead to adverse health problems at the workplace. Attorney Gregory Thyberg discusses discrimination and employee accommodations.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Nov 30, 2019

California’s Hair Discrimination Law

California passed the Crown Act, a law prohibiting workplace racial discrimination based on hairstyles. Attorney Gregory A. Thyberg discusses its importance.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Nov 15, 2019

Are Overweight Employees Protected from Workplace Discrimination?

Overweight and obese employees should be protected from workplace harassment and discrimination. Employment law attorney Gregory A. Thyberg can help.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Oct 31, 2019

Age Discrimination and Hiring

If you are not hired for a job based solely on your age, it may be a case of workplace discrimination. Our employment law attorneys…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Feb 28, 2019

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