Common Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment By Gregory Thyberg on November 10, 2022

Boss making employees uncomfortable

Did a co-worker make you feel uncomfortable? Did a boss cross physical boundaries with you? Sexual harassment can take many forms, and there is a chance you’ve been sexually harassed at work. The problem is, how can you know for sure? We can help.

There are some common signs of sexual harassment that everyone should be aware of. If any of the warning signs below apply to your case, the legal team at our Sacramento, CA, law firm can help.

1. A Boss or Co-Worker Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Sometimes a supervisor or co-worker just makes you feel uneasy. They could be sitting too close to you during a meeting, standing too close to you in a common area of the office, or making remarks that you find offensive. This is usually the first red flag of sexual harassment.

2. You Receive Repeated Advances After You’ve Said No

If a co-worker has asked you out or flirted with you and you told them to stop, they should respect your boundaries and stop making advances. Repeated advances after you’ve told someone no is a major sign of sexual harassment.

3. Someone Has Commented About Your Body

If you’ve heard crass, demeaning, or vulgar comments about your body or your clothing, it’s a sure sign of sexual harassment at the workplace. Comments like this foster a toxic work environment that can be detrimental to your emotional well-being.

4. You’re Treated Differently Because of Your Sex or Gender

Sex and gender discrimination often play a role in sexual harassment. Be on the lookout for mistreatment, being passed up for promotions, or even changes in demeanor when a boss or co-worker interacts with a person of a different sex or gender.

5. You Experienced Unwanted Physical Contact

Unwanted hugs, massages, or any physical contact is one of the biggest signs of workplace sexual harassment, especially if the unwanted contact is repeated. Your co-workers need to respect your physical space and your boundaries when it comes to physical contact.

6. You Were Asked for a Sexual Favor

Some supervisors or co-workers could ask for a sexual favor in exchange for a raise or other workplace benefits. This is one of the most overt forms of sexual harassment on the job.

7. You Feel Bullied or Unsafe at Work

All of these behaviors ultimately lead to an environment where you no longer feel welcome. This is often the final straw for employees.

Co-workers meeting with HR

Remember: Harassment Can Take Many Different Forms

In addition to sexual harassment, some of the above warning signs apply to different types of on-the-job harassment. Ultimately, your work environment should not be hostile or uncomfortable for you, and your co-workers should always respect your boundaries.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of harassment and your human resources department has failed to take action, the team at our Sacramento law firm is ready to listen and ready to help.

Discuss Your Case with a Lawyer

Our legal team can compile evidence and build a strong case for you. If you’ve recognized any of these signs of harassment, we encourage you to contact our law firm for a consultation. You can also reach our Sacramento, CA, law office by phone at (916) 204-9173.

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