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Common Signs of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Feel you’ve been sexually harassed at work? Consider these warning signs and then speak to an employment law attorney.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Nov 10, 2022

How Can Independent Contractors Recover Unpaid Wages?

Even though independent contractors are not considered employees, they deserve to be paid for the work they provide their clients. If you haven’t been paid…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Oct 16, 2022

Workplace Harassment Attorney

Although workplace harassment is illegal, countless employees report being subject to sexual harassment, discrimination,non-sexual harassment, or mistreatment at work. As a workplace harassment attorney, Gregory Thyberg…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Oct 16, 2022

Can Inappropriate Text Messages Constitute Sexual Harassment?

Workplace harassment lawyer Gregory Thyberg explains how to determine if inappropriate text messages constitute sexual harassment. To discuss the details of your situation, contact our…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Sep 09, 2022

Wrongful Termination After a Work-Related Injury

Wrongful termination lawyer Gregory Thyberg works to hold liable employers accountable when an employee is wrongfully terminated after a work-related injury.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Sep 02, 2022

How To File a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Individuals who believe that they have been unlawfully fired can work with attorney Gregory Thyberg to learn how to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Sep 02, 2022

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

When disability discrimination occurs in the workplace, wronged employees may recover compensation for damages and hold discriminatory employers liable. If you believe you’ve experienced disability…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Aug 06, 2022

Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978

Pregnancy discrimination lawyer Gregory Thyberg explains the rights and protections provided under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. If you have been treated differently at…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jul 27, 2022

Client Awarded 2.61 Million Dollars In Aerojet Cybersecurity FCA Case

On July 8, 2022, the DOJ announced the settlement of a Cybersecurity False Claims Act case filed by Thyberglaw on behalf of client, Brian Markus,…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jul 14, 2022

Retaliation After Reporting Sexual Harassment

Employees who face retaliation after reporting sexual harassment can work with attorney Gregory Thyberg to hold employers accountable for related damages. To schedule a legal…

Posted by Gregory Thyberg on Jun 30, 2022

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